AU: Original iPad’s extremely cheap at Apple (even cheaper at Big W!)

AU: Original iPad’s extremely cheap at Apple (even cheaper at Big W!)

I’m sure there are a few people out there, who would have liked to have purchase an iPad when it was released, but either never got around to it, or found the pricing too high. Well either way, you’ll never find a better time than now! A few days ago, Apple slashed the price of the Original iPad in Australia, to make way for the iPad 2 (which will be launching in Australia on the 25th of March). A very un-Apple like move, but a great one for consumers.

As you can see, the table on the left gives you a breakdown of the different iPad models, and the before and after pricing of those various models. This offer affects all remaining iPad stock in Australia, effective immediately. Obviously a great time to pick one up before stock runs out, or if you’re not interested in the iPad 2.




Over at Big W however, prices have been even further reduced, meaning you can pick up an original ipad for the cheapest price imaginable (roughly a 64% discount from the original price when it was launched just under a year ago). While this is an amazing price, do expect stocks to run out soon as people will gobble this offer up. The only catch is that you do have to go in store to get this offer, and there’s no guarantee’s as to how much stock each store will have left.

Either way, if you’re in Australia, and want a cheap (and we mean CHEAP) iPad, then run on down to your nearest Big W, because from what we hear, stock are definitely bound to run out!






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