AU: Huawei X5 – The cheapest High End Android Phone

AU: Huawei X5 – The cheapest High End Android Phone

Huawei might have just scored a double knockout with the release of the Huawei X5. Why? Because not only did they have the cheapest Android Phone on the market under $100 before, they’ve now got the cheapest High End Android phone as well! The Huawei Ideos cost only $99, but the specs weren’t exactly the most thrilling in a phone, so Huawei decided to announce the X5, a High End Phone, running android and costing a tad under $350. The phone features a 3.8 inch 800 x 480 screen (which is quite decent), a 5 mega-pixel camera (standard for 2011 phones), and it’s running Froyo (Android 2.2, the second newest software update from Google), which is a decent package.

The phone comes with a 800Mhz (mega-hertz) processor which while isn’t quite up to 2011 standards (new phones today are at least on a 1Ghz processor, which equals to 1000Mhz), its still faster than my current phone – the Motorola Milestone/Droid (until I get my new phone delivered this week). The phone itself is available from Crazy John’s for a low price of $349 prepaid, or you can also opt for a plan, with Crazy John’s $29 Crazy Plan for $0. Of course, if you get onto the $49 twin cap plan, you can actually get two Huawei X5’s for $0, which we reckon is the better plan if this phone interests you. Someone else in the family could use a new phone as well, So head on down to Crazy John’s if this phone interests you.

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  • Ryan

    Hi, i am choosing right now between the Motorola Milestone and this Huawei X5, which one would you recommend me getting?

  • Jubbin Grewal

    Hi Ryan, I haven’t tested the X5 so I can’t 100% say, and I’ve owned a milestone before as well, it depends on you. 1 has a slide out qwerty keyboard, the X5 is pure touch screen. Both ahve 5mp camera, and both have Android 2.2

    If you have the Telstra, the X5 is useless on the Next G network, but it is also slower than the Milestone 2. It seems the Milestone is the better option, but there is rumours of the milestone 3 coming soon.

    Hope that helps, if anymore questions let me know!

  • mealofa

    motorola milestone

  • Techin5

    Only the Motorola Milestone 2 will do, but with the 3 (possibly) coming out soon who knows.

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