Apple announces iPad 2!

Apple announces iPad 2!


So Apple finally announced the successor to the best tablet on the market, with the iPad 2! The much anticipated device was announced by the head of Apple himself, Steve Jobs, despite rumors that he is dealing with cancer, but it was still good to see the big man himself. Nevertheless, no real surprises came with the iPad 2, as the actual iPad 2 doesn’t differ too significantly from the original iPad.


However, there still are a few ‘upgrades’ from the original that could sway people to upgrade or finally get an iPad. The new iPad 2 now features an 1GHz dual-core Apple A5 chip (According to Apple it will make the iPad 2 twice as fast), up from the original A4 chip which has apparently made the newer iPad 2 ‘blazingly fast’ according to Engadget. Apple has ‘FINALLY’ included Front and rear facing Cameras (compatible with Apple’s FaceTime). This new A5 chip should also make Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) 9x faster, meaning faster games amongst other things.



The iPad 2 is also reportedly 33% thinner than the original iPad, making it thinner than the iPhone 4, which is quite amazing if you ask us. Due to the size reduction, the iPad 2 will also be 0.2 pounds lighter, which should make it easier for people who weren’t happy with the original weight.

Unfortunately, the iPad 2 will not have an increase in screen quality, nor will it have the iPhone 4’s brilliant retina display, which will disappoint people (we know it has disappointed us, but we might have known this was not going to make it). It will however, keep the original 10 hour battery life.


Fans will also be happy to know, that iPad 2 will be available both in black and white from launch date, and the pricing will remain the same as the original iPad a launch ($499USD for the lowest model) (we do expect the original iPad price to drop soon though).


This chart from Engadget breaks down exactly the changes from the original iPad to the newer iPad 2. As you can see there are a few changes, but not as many as you would expect, and nothing really alarming.

Another new thing that Apple announced to coincide with the iPad 2 is their ‘Smart Cases’. Smart Cases come in two variants, Polyurethane (for $39) or Leather (for $69). They act as covers for the iPad 2 as well as opening them turns the iPad on automatically, while closing them turns them off. We’re not quite sure what to think of them till we get our hands on them, but we won’t quite pass judgement yet. Lucky for you however, they will come in 10 different colors.

As for release dates? March 11th for USA, and 25th March for other countries. Anyone excited?

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