Xbox 360 (Microsoft)

Xbox 360 (Microsoft)

The Console

The Xbox 360, was created by Microsoft, and was the successor to the original ‘xbox’. The 360, was released in May 2005, and has since evolved into one of the greatest consoles available in the market. It is a ‘video game console’, capable of playing games, watching DVD’s, Surfing the Internet (which includes xbox twitter and Facebook applications), ability to Rent/Buy movies and tv shows from your Xbox 360 using Zune), as well as Buy Music. The Xbox 360 also boasts impressive online game capabilities which differentiates itself from the other current consoles like the Sony Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii (but at an added costs per month or year).

The new slim Xbox 360 (shown in picture above) comes only in Black now.

The Controller

The picture above is what an Xbox 360 Controller looks like. The controller, like the Sony Playstation 3 is wireless, and has in-built dual shock (vibrations in the controller). Unfortunately, the controller uses replaceable batteries for the controller, which could prove to be annoying to change them every time they run out.

Advantages of an Xbox 360?

Amazing Online Gameplay – The Xbox 360 games are amazing to play online, and 95% have no traces of ‘lag’ (gameplay stuttering while playing online).

Ability to contact another player with a Voice Message.

In-Game chat between yourself and other people playing the game online is second to none.

Zune Services – The Xbox 360 Zune service brings the best ‘console’ media service to you. On it, you can either Rent or Buy Movies from your Xbox 360, and the list includes all the latest movies available (and can also watch them in High Definition). You can also buy Music from Zune Store on the Xbox 360. Cost vary depending on what you want. The Zune Service also connects to your Windows Phone 7 device, and Zune MP3 player.

Disadvantages of an Xbox 360?

Online Gaming Costs – To be able to do ANYTHING online on the Xbox 360, you have to pay either a monthly,  or yearly subscription fee (3 months are also available). While there are benifits to doing so, note that over a few years it will add up.

No Backward compatibility – The Xbox 360 is unable to play ANY games which were released for the original Xbox.

Unable to play Blu-Ray Movies (which is the future of High Definition Movies)

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