Windows Phone 7 And Zune HD Are Now Fully Mac Supported

Windows Phone 7 And Zune HD Are Now Fully Mac Supported

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After years of asking (or just over 1 to be fair), Mac users can finally access their Zune HD‘s and Windows Phone 7‘s (since October for WP7’s) via their Mac computers. The Windows Phone 7 Connector App went live in the Mac Store this week, bringing with it the much requested syncing feature between your Mac Computer and Windows Phone 7/Zune HD.

With it out, it possibly means that more Mac users will finally be interested in purchasing a Zune HD, or more importantly a Windows Phone 7 device, giving Microsoft the much needed boost in customer awareness. Have a Mac and one of the above devices? Click the Source Link at the bottom, and get downloading!

Source: Mac Store

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  • Janieliu87

    I downloaded the Windows Phone 7 Connector App, but when I connect the USB to my MacBook, it still doesn’t recognize my Zune HD. Am I missing something?

  • Jubbin Grewal

    To be honest I’m not sure since I can’t test it out on a Mac. From the review’s of the app, it seems that everyone has no problem with the connector working!

    Perhaps try re-installing it. Does the Zune HD at least charge via your macbook?