Wii (Nintendo)

Wii (Nintendo)

The Console

The Nintendo Wii, is the most popular console (in terms of consoles sold) when compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360. It was released the same year the Xbox 360 was, in 2006, November. The reason for its success is largely due to its pricing when it was released (which was nearly half of the xbox 360). Also it is highly appealing to children and adults alike who wish to use it in group game activities. Much popular games such as Mario and Pokemon have also helped boost its appeal.

The game is supplied with a singular controller which is explained in the section below.

The Controller

The Nintendo Wii controller is also a wireless controller, but it differs from the others. Until recently it was the only console that detected the controller as a pointing device, and it also detects movements in 3 dimensions, allowing users to play games by moving the controller in different directions, depending on the game. For instance, for Wii Sports, a game within it is Bowling. To Bowl, a user simply has to use the controller, and swing the controller back and then forward as if they were actually bowling. It is also unique that it has a speaker in it for sound from within the game.

A screenshot of the Wii Screen

Advantages of the Wii?

Fun Factor – Let’s face it, it probably has the most fun factor of any other console when playing in a group.

Range of Games – There are so many games out there for the Wii, it would be impossible not to find something to buy, no matter which type of games you like.

Price – It is still the cheapest of all new game consoles out there.

Disadvantages of the Wii?

Graphics – The Graphics on the Wii is pretty incomparable to games on the Xbox 360 and PS3. The Wii is unable to output great graphics, but this may change with the release of another Wii in the future.

Quality of Games – While there may be a huge range of Wii games, the quality of most of them (around 60%) are quite poor in quality. We’d recommend sticking with other consoles if you prefer games with better quality on average.

No DVD/Blu-Ray – The Wii is unable to play either normal DVD’s OR Blu-Ray movies. This is quite unfortunate as it would have been quite useful in the Wii. (There are however hacks available online that allow the Wii to read DVD’s, but as with all Hacks, caution is required as it can Brick your Wii).

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