PSP2 – Vita (Sony)

PSP2 – Vita (Sony)

The PSP2 (codenamed the NGP – Next Gen Portable) was recently announced by Sony as the successor to the original PSP (which had 3 to 4 variations). Not everything is known about the NGP, but what we do know that it is expected to be released sometime before Christmas this year. As of June 7, 2011, the PSP NGP will be officially known as PSP Vita, or PSVITA for short.

Sony has also been kind enough to let out some specs for the PSP2 as well.

The specs are as follows:

– A 5 inch OLED Touchscreen – OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode’s. They are the best available screen’s on the market today! Extremely bright, and extremely energy efficient, they output the clearest screen quality (brighter and crisper) available on the market today (Better than Plasma, LCD, LED).

– 960 x 544 Screen Resolution

– The PSP2 will come in either a 3G (with wi-fi) version or standalone wi-fi version (with inbuilt GPS – Global Positioning System)

-The PSP2 will feature Dual Analog Sticks (as opposed to just one on the original PSP series), which will make it much more PS3 like.

– A Rear touch pad (meaning there is a touch sensitive pad, on the back of the PSP2)

– It is expected to have inbuilt Accelerometer and Gyroscope motion sensing (to assist with moving the PSP to play certain games just like the iPad)

– It will also have an Electronic Compass within it.

– There is no news on pricing, but it is expected to to be between the USD$300 to $350 range, but is unconfirmed as of now.

– It is the most powerful mobile device on the market (once it gets released). Smartphones, tablets, other portable gaming devices are just not up to match with it.

– It is said that it will be able to output PS3 like quality games.

The Following Video is from IGN, the worlds premier gaming website about the PSP2 – NGP

Please check out their site at IGN (Click on IGN)

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