Playstation 3 (Sony)

Playstation 3 (Sony)

The Console

The Sony Playstation 3, or PS3 as it referred to, was released in late 2006, by Japanese company Sony. It is a video game ‘console’ capable of Playing games (offline and online), watching movies (including Blu-Ray), Surfing the internet, Music + Video playback capabilities, and much more. It follows as Sony’s 3rd Video Games Console, therefore being referred to as PS3.

The PS3 was released as the direct competitor to the Xbox 360 (by Microsoft), and the debate continues to rage between fans of each, as to which is better. The truth is that they both are better at certain things, and the opposite is quite true.

The Controller

The PS3 controller (or sixaxis controller) looks exactly like the picture above. It is a wireless controller (up to 20 meters of range) and it is extremely comfortable to use. The picture above gives you a rough idea of the buttons and their names.

The ‘Game Play’ Buttons have different functions per game (or movie).

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