Nokia and Microsoft Announce Partnership

Nokia and Microsoft have recently announced a partnership where Nokia will start using Microsoft’s mobile Operating System – Windows Phone 7. While the partnership is not exclusive, it will mean that Nokia and Microsoft will be sharing some key technologies with each other.

Those include: The Windows Phone 7 operating system, Xbox live services, Microsoft Office services, Bing Services (Microsoft’s search engine), and in return Nokia will pay Microsoft for using their Operating System as well as provide Nokia’s Mobile GPS service technology amongst other things.

The picture’s above were revealed recently on Engadget’s website, and is considered a ‘concept’ phone for a Nokia phone with a Windows Phone 7 Operating System. Here’s hoping the design stays, as we would love to see this product become a reality, as a concept phone doesn’t necessarily mean it will be produced.

It was noted however, that Nokia aims to get their first Windows Phone 7 out by 2011.

Source: Engadget


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