iPod Touch (Apple)

iPod Touch (Apple)


What is it?

Chances are slim that you’ve never heard of an iPod. In fact, chances are almost non-existent. The simple fact that you have a computer to read this article in itself proves that you’ve probably heard of an iPod. This revolutionary Apple device has influenced a new generation in itself, making way for the technology-addicted generation that has been bestowed upon us in front of our very eyes.

The iPod Touch has essentially evolved from the iPod. So although you already probably know what an iPod is, I’ve been given a set of instructions to carefully explain every aspect of it to enhance your knowledge and understanding of this generation-setting device.

In this time and age, calling the iPod Touch an MP3 player would be insulting, as it does more than just play music. In the last 8 years alone, the iPod has evolved from a heavy brick-like MP3 player to a multimedia device known as a Portable Media Player (PMP) providing users with music, videos, photos, games, utilities and networking in many forms; hence the commonly known abbreviation of the iPod Touch to iTouch.

The iPod Touch comes in 3 variants; 8GB, 32GB and 64GB. Having sold over 45million units as of September 2009, the iPod Touch is a market leader in its product category. Connecting to a computer via iTunes, the iPod Touch is able to sync many forms of multimedia from its user’s computer, and be made available for on-the-go portability.

Special Features

– FaceTime brings video calling to the iPod Touch. See your family and friends while you talk with them.

– Remarkable 960×640 resolution, providing for incredible high definition picture quality on an amazing retina display.

– Video recording and editing has never been easier on the iPod Touch’s stunning HD video. Now you can share stunning HD videos on the fly.

– The A4 chips help give you smooth graphics and an amazing gaming experience. With connectivity to the internet, you can play with or against friends all around the world.

– A huge app store with over 350,000+ apps available to download.

Reasons not to get the iPod Touch

– If you’ve already got an iPhone, the iPod Touch would be a waste of space as the iPhone is essentially an iPod Touch with a phone and 3G.

– If you’re deciding to purchase an iPod Touch around the months of March – June, think again. Apple has a trend of releasing new or upgraded products around July every year.

– If you are looking for an “MP3 player” for portability and exercise, this device may be slightly on the chunkier side. Recommendations for these users would be an iPod Nano.

– If you like having something that other people don’t, then you would probably want to steer away from Apple products in general.

Verdict – To get or to not?

If you don’t already have a Portable Media Player like an iPod Touch, then by all means, you are missing out! There are a number of prominent PMPs out there (like the Zune HD), but what makes the iPod Touch stand out is more profoundly the Apple App Store. With over 350,000+ available apps to be downloaded, there should be no wonder that the iPod Touch is one of the best selling PMP devices of its kind.