iOS (Apple)

What is iOS?

iOS is Apple’s Mobile Operating System. Apple not only build and develop their own Operation System, but they also build the actual phone (hardware) themselves. The iOS is used on the iPhone (phone), iPod Touch (mp3 player), and iPad (tablet). The phone is one of the most popular phones in the world, and the iOS is easier to use than other competitors like Android.

Apple Products connect to computers using Apple’s Media Player Application – iTunes.

iOS products are extremely popular, only being outsold by the likes of Android in Western Countries.

Advantages of iOS?

iOS products are able to connect to the iTunes store, where they can download music and video (the largest assortment found for any Operating System)

Also on the iTunes store is the largest collection of apps found anywhere, although Android is catching up fast.

Disadvantages of iOS?

Locked Operating System. Apple keeps a tight leash on their OS, and there is a rather large lack of customizable options when it comes to their devices.

A screenshot of what Apple iOS looks like

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