Certain HTC Phones get dedicated Facebook button

Certain HTC Phones get dedicated Facebook button

So there we have it folks. The first screenshot of a HTC Phone, known as HTC Salsa has turned up at our favorite Phone Review and News site – Pocketnow.com. The only thing different about this phone? It’s got a dedicated ‘Facebook’ Button on it, so you can readily jump into Facebook every time you have something to say or Like. We at Techin5 wonder what the point is, since it takes literally 1 second to get into Facebook otherwise, but hey!… who are we to question multi-billion dollar companies.

The phone is a lower-end device, aimed mainly at teenagers, young adults, or whoever has an absolute addiction to Facebook, and is obviously being sold at lower prices than proper smartphones. We wonder if this will save those Facebook addicts out there from wasting that precious second getting into Facebook (that’s if they even get out of Facebook in the first place). It will also use a trimmed version of Android.

Either way, we’re sure this phone will appeal to someone out there, so if thats you, expect it to be released towards the end of the year.. if you can hold out for that long.

Source: Pocketnow

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