BlackBerry OS (Research In Motion)

What is BlackBerry OS?

To get to BlackBerry Operating Software (OS), we must first quickly understand what a BlackBerry Device is. A BlackBerry is a smartphone created by Research In Motion (RIM), and is mainly used by people within the Business Market. Their phones mainly have a small screen, accompanied by a qwerty style keyboard (see picture below), although recently they have begun releasing Touch Screen BlackBerry’s.

The BlackBerry OS, is used within their devices, and both phone and OS are developed by RIM. One of Blackberry’s biggest features, which is constantly drawing more consumers to their phones, is a service called BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), which allows users to send messages to each other (anywhere in the world) for free, and it also allows group chat sessions, making it highly appealing to younger consumers (It is only free, after the BlackBerry Monthly Service is paid for).

All in all, BlackBerry has roughly a 15% share in the market, making it the 5th largest (popular) Device Manufacturer.

Advantages of BlackBerry OS?

BBM – Ability to text one or more people around the world for free at anytime, and since so many people own a BlackBerry, the BBM capability is useful.

BlackBerry devices boast one of the simpler to use User Interfaces, meaning the phone can be used by most people without too much complications.

Disadvantages of BlackBerry OS?

Despite the BBM Service being useful, it still costs extra per month, on top of your monthly carrier bill to activate this service.

The BlackBerry App store is quite poor in standards and the amount of Apps available. This might be due to the fact it is mainly Business Users who they are targeting, and they might not be interested in too many Apps.

The BlackBerry OS is quite aged, and technologically worse when compared to Android of Windows Phone 7, their phones are slower, and are not capable of heavy multitasking which users of non-BlackBerry are used to.

A screenshot of what BlackBerry OS looks like

A BlackBerry Phone with a Qwerty Styled Keyboard

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